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Social Security Agreement between Japan and China: What You Need to Know

As globalization continues to increase, many people are choosing to move to different countries for work or to retire. However, living in a foreign country can often mean navigating complex social security systems. Fortunately, Japan and China have a Social Security Agreement that helps make this process easier.

What is a Social Security Agreement?

A Social Security Agreement (SSA) is a treaty between two countries that determines the rights and obligations of their citizens when it comes to social security benefits. These agreements are designed to prevent people from paying social security taxes in both countries, as well as to ensure that individuals who have paid into a social security system are able to receive benefits in both countries.

Japan-China Social Security Agreement

The Japan-China SSA was signed on May 26, 2018, and came into effect on October 1, 2019. It is the first SSA that Japan has entered into with a country in East Asia. The agreement covers both Japanese and Chinese nationals who are temporarily or permanently residing in either country.

Under the agreement, individuals who have paid social security taxes in one country can have those payments counted towards eligibility for benefits in the other country. This means that someone who has worked in both Japan and China can qualify for social security benefits in both countries.

Benefits Covered

The Japan-China SSA covers a variety of social security benefits, including:

1. Pension Benefits

The agreement allows individuals to combine periods of contribution to both countries` pension systems to qualify for benefits.

2. Disability Benefits

Individuals who become disabled while working in either country can receive disability benefits from that country`s social security system.

3. Survivor Benefits

If someone who has paid into the social security system in one country dies, their surviving spouse or children can receive survivor benefits from that country`s social security system.

How to Apply

If you are a Japanese or Chinese national living or working in the other country, you can apply for social security benefits under the SSA. To do so, you will need to fill out an application form and provide the necessary documents, including proof of social security contributions. You can apply for benefits at the social security agency in your country of residence.


The Japan-China Social Security Agreement makes it easier for Japanese and Chinese nationals living in either country to receive social security benefits. If you are planning on living or working in Japan or China, it is important to understand how the SSA applies to you and what benefits you may be entitled to. By taking advantage of this agreement, you can ensure that you are able to receive the social security benefits you deserve.

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